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Tune Up VallejoGene’s Auto Repair is your tune up Vallejo specialist. Our ASE certified car repair and truck repair specialists ensure that your scheduled maintenance includes a tune up, if necessary, in the Vallejo and surrounding areas. Keeping car repair or other automobile repair maintenance current is important. Vehicles under warranty may be required to receive a specific amount of scheduled maintenance. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer guide, purchase agreement or other documentation, to ensure your car acquires the scheduled maintenance it needs.

At Gene’s Auto Repair, our Vallejo tune up Specialists ensure your car repair and scheduled maintenance requirements are met with accuracy, dependability and affordability. While advancements in car repair technology has changed the landscape of engine tune ups in Vallejo, a tune up in Vallejo may require many actions, including:

  • Timing belt changing
  • Automobile code scanning
  • Replacement of Points or Spark plugs
  • Fuel system check
  • Radiator/cooling system check
  • Throttle bore check
  • Distributor cap check

Scheduled maintenance steps ensure the correct performance of your automobile. Car maintenance may include fuel and air mixture correction, which ensures cylinders are working correctly. Our tune up Vallejo specialists ensure your spark plugs are clean and firing to create the combustion necessary to power your automobile.efficiently. Issues that can affect your  tune up in Vallejo, as well as, other car maintenance issues are clogged fuel injectors, dirty fuel and air filters, corroded spark plugs and other factors. At Gene’s Auto Repair, our ASE Certified repair experts ensure your scheduled car maintenance is completed with the utmost quality, honesty and dependability. We follow all manufacturer’s recommendations when repairing or replacing parts necessary for your tune up in Vallejo.

Whether you are looking for a tune up, oil change, smog check or even a brake repair, you know you can count on Gene’s Auto Repair. Be sure to give us a call today at (707) 642-1900 and get the most out of your auto repair services.

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